Conectando mundos


June 15, 2019- January 23, 2020Registration Period.

December 1, 2019- January 24, 2020Teacher’s Module.
This training will allow teachers to browse through the platform, discover the different phases and activities addressed to students and download extension materials. The objective of this module is for teachers to become familiar with the virtual setting and the proposal’s objectives and contents. Moreover – and this is a new feature of this edition – teachers will be able to improve their knowledge on Global Competence and on this year’s subject, Sustainable Growth.

January 27, 2020 – March 27, 2020Activity for Students.
Throughout 9 weeks, divided into four phases, students from the schools registered with Connecting Worlds will interact and work together through the internet in groups of more or less 20 class-groups. There are specific education proposals tailored to the different stages, with exclusive access to communication tools for each working team.

April-May 2020Local Meetings

second week of July 2020Teacher’s Meetings

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